5 apps to learn languages ​​during the quarantine

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5 apps to learn languages ​​during the quarantine:

‘Skip’ quarantine with these 5 language learning apps. Take advantage of this health crisis to learn languages ​​from home.

The coronavirus quarantine has almost all of us homebound. Many are choosing to shoot series and movies to make the situation more bearable. Others, on the other hand, prefer to do some sport, play with the little ones or enjoy this time to do work at home. But some prefer to make better use of time and have chosen to study. And, for this, nothing better than having applications to learn languages.

There is a large selection of applications for learning languages. Each of them has a series of functions and characteristics. In general, most applications are designed for enjoyable and fun learning. They are suitable for all levels and with them, we can learn a large number of languages, not only the most traditional ones.

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Duolingo has been one of the most popular language-learning applications for a few years. A free application and ideal for all ages and for those who want to learn pleasantly. The lessons are short and focus on grammar, vocabulary, reading, and listening.

The Duolingo method motivates the student since as we pass lessons the application rewards us to continue learning every day. However, if we abandon it for a while it will also subtract points. Precisely, its interface is very intuitive and reminds us of a game. With 25 levels, learning is much more fun and motivating.

Another advantage of this application is that it offers a large number of languages ​​to learn. From the most traditional to others that we will surely learn for leisure and/or curiosity. You can download the app from google play store by clicking here.


A free application that offers daily lessons in up to 30 different languages. It offers a series of very interesting advantages and features, such as the voice recognition system, a very clear sound to better learn pronunciation, a selection of useful phrases to apply in real situations, or a special section dedicated to verbal conjugations.

With these functions, at the end of each course, we will be able to master a vocabulary of 5,000 useful words and phrases. It may not be such a well-known application, but it does offer very wide learning versatility. Every day we can learn to check little by little how our level rises. Besides, it has a version to practice languages ​​with augmented reality and another specially indicated for the little ones.

That is why Mondly’s main mission is that we can learn any language quickly, easily and in a fun way.

Download the app from google play store


Babbel is one of the best applications for learning languages ​​around the world. Created in 2008, it has millions of users and offers to learn of up to 14 languages. It is one of those ideal applications to start learning a language from scratch. Grammar and vocabulary are its fundamental aspects.

However, Babbel also works a lot on real conversations, sayings, songs, and exercises. Of course, it is a paid application, although the first lesson of each course is free. Its short and effective lessons work practically as if it were a language course since they are adapted to all levels.

Babbel is also considered as one of the best applications for children to learn languages. His lessons are just 15 minutes long and can be easily customized. Hence, the exercises it proposes are very enjoyable and very different from each other.

Download the Babbel app from google play store


Busuu is a mobile application that will allow us to learn up to 12 languages ​​during the coronavirus quarantine. It has a personalized study plan and fully adapted to our schedules and knowledge. An application that works grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation very well, since it has the help of a community of native speakers.

Students can register for free or purchase a Premium subscription to have access to a greater number of functionalities. Among the latter, we have more grammar lessons, offline mode, language certificates, or personalized vocabulary exercises. An application is also suitable for any level.

Busuu’s great success is its interface since it gives the impression of placing us on a social network to practice languages. Not surprisingly, one of its functions is to request the help of native speakers from any country, either for an evaluation or correction of exercises.


Beelinguapp is an application that allows us to learn more than 13 languages ​​in a very original way. The learning method is through reading and listening to literary works, which are simultaneously translated as they are played. As we listen to the story, the application highlights the text we are listening to so that we can become familiar with the written form and pronunciation.

The functions and features offered by the application also make it very enjoyable. For example, at any time we can pause reading to search for a word. We can also change the speed of reading the voice as we progress in learning. Also, Beelinguapp has a news section and another to read and listen to songs.

Any of these five applications to learn languages ​​can come in handy during the coronavirus quarantine. A perfect way to take advantage of time learning a language or reinforcing the one we already master. And all this in a simple, original, and fun way.

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