Best Universities to Study Chemical Engineering |2021|

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If you have already decided that you want to study Chemical Engineering, now you are surely wondering which universities offer the best quality in education. Well, keep reading! because we have for you the ranking with the 5 best public universities and the 5 best private universities to study Chemical Engineering. So you can make a well-informed decision, regardless of the type of school you prefer or the region of the country in which you live.

Are you interested in studying Chemical Engineering?

Among the new professional opportunities, two stand out above all: research and pharmaceutical or drug chemistry.

R&D research

One of the most promising new fields of action for chemists is undoubtedly research. In the United States, the universities themselves are the ones that most attract recent graduates. Since a chemical engineer can serve as teaching support or assistant to research projects in data collection and preliminary tests.

Undoubtedly an important area in the careers of the world of chemistry is R&D (research and development). A sector that offers great opportunities especially in terms of creating new raw materials. Ana María Edwards indicated on this issue that “it is important to increase the relationship with the private world to improve investment in research. Most of the funding for this comes from the public sector. It would be good to continue improving our cooperation with the private world because together we open the field for our students ”.

Pharmaceutical chemistry

Pharmaceutical or drug companies are constantly working to develop new compounds that offer solutions for all kinds of diseases. And, therefore, they need chemists who know those compounds. At present, the pharmaceutical industry is the most representative sector of chemistry in the world labour market.

On the other hand, for some years now, all pharmacies in the United States are required to always have at least one pharmaceutical chemist on their premises, as stipulated by the current Drug Law. Thanks to her, most pharmaceutical chemists secure their jobs even before graduating from university.

Where to study the best chemical engineering?

Year after year, the prestigious British consulting firm  Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) produces a ranking in which it classifies universities around the world according to the quality of their careers. According to this ranking, these are the  10 best universities in the world to study chemical engineering in 2021:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States
  2. Harvard University, United States
  3. University of Cambridge, UK
  4. Stanford University, United States
  5. University of California Berkeley, United States
  6. University of Oxford, UK
  7. ETH Zurich , Switzerland
  8. California Institute of Technology (Caltech), United States
  9. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne , Switzerland
  10. Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore

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