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Data Science Internship

Before coming to the main point I would like to add that Internships are the best way If you want to be an experienced person. If you want to touch down a data scientist internship. You should know that there are many advantages to data science interns. They will able to learn from experienced persons and they will get many ideas from professionals. After getting experience from those professionals, they can start a firm in data science. There are many common things you need to focus on before getting your data science internship. Some of them are enlisted below;

Don’t Take it easy

You should keep this thing in your mind that data science is not very easy. This needs hardworking and surely it needs time. If you will work hard on it and mainly If you will work with passion, surely you will get success in less time.

Professional Resume/CV

Remember that before applying for a data science internship, you need to ensure that your resume is up-to-date. For this hire a professional resume designer on Fiverr.

Cover Customization

Keep in mind your cover letter should be fully customized for every company you applied for your data science internship. If you are in college or university and thinking about how you will get a data science internship? So we are writing this to help you. You need to work hard. Learn some skills which you need as a data scientist.

If you don’t have any experience, you need no worry because you are doing this internship for experience purposes only. After getting a data science internship, you will able to get a lot of experience in starting data sciences as a career. The only thing you need to remember is that you need to work hard.

Skills that companies look for when hiring data science interns

Positive Attitude

First of all, you need to keep in mind that your talk with the interview members is full of noble words. Your behavior with them must not be rude. Your attitude should be positive when talking to them. You need to show them that you can work for them in every situation, no matter in a difficult situation too.

That’s behavior and talk will impress the interview members and surely they will select you for their company as a data scientist intern.


If you are going for an interview surely you have a little bit of experience. Otherwise, they will focus on another candidate for data scientist interns. For getting ideas about data science, you just search it for on YouTube or Google.

There are many articles on this topic. Surely, you will get a lot of knowledge from Social media platforms and that would be sufficient when you are in an interview with data scientist interns.

Platforms to Learn about Data science

There are two platforms by which you can learn something about data science.

Online Platform

Many people are providing detailed information about data sciences. Through the cooperation of our team, we can get the data of those people. Some of them are enlisted below;

By following them you can get a lot of information about data science. It would prove to be a really helpful thing when you are in an interview.

Offline Platform

Every university has a career counseling department. You can easily get information about data sciences for sake of knowledge for interview. This would help you a little bit and you will able to decide that you will start your career as a data scientist or not?

So getting evolved in the career counseling department will provide you with sufficient data for decision.

Things you need to do before the interview

Making A Brand

First of all, you need to make a brand of yourself. You can do this in multiple ways. We are sharing the top 3 ways to make a personal brand.


You can make a website and on that, you can share some of your knowledge about data sciences. You can design a professional-looking website/portfolio in a few times.

This will make you more supreme than your peers. You should upload your resume on your website so that your visitors come to know about your knowledge and skills. You can make a professional-looking website on Wix and WordPress. These two platforms present thousands of free templates.


Another way to promote yourself as a data scientist is to start blogging as early as possible. Because Blogging is the fastest way to connect with millions of the audience in a short time. If you know site engine optimization, you can rank your data science knowledge. This would be a really good source for updating your resume.

Read More:


If you have some skills of data scientist, you can do a side business. You can offer services on freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. People will give feedback and you can mention that experience in your CV/resume.

Tips for Job Search

1-Company Websites: Many companies post their business posts online, so linking with the companies online the best way to get an internship for data scientists. For your easier, we researched a list of companies that provides internship for data sciences. Some of them are enlisted below;

  • Workday ( Data Science Intern — Pleasanton, CA )
  • Airbnb (Data Science Intern — San Francisco, CA)
  • Quora (Data Science Intern — Mountain View, CA)
  • Twitter (University Data Intern — San Francisco, CA)
  • LinkedIn (Data Science, Analytics Intern — Sunnyvale, CA)
  • IBM (Data Science Intern — Multiple Locations)
  • Spotify (Data Science Intern, Ads and Markets — New York, NY)
  • Cisco (Data Science Intern — San Jose, CA)
  • eBay (Data Science Undergrad Intern — San Jose, CA)
  • VMware (Data Science Intern — Palo Alto, CA)
  • McKinsey & Company (Data Science Intern — New York, NY)
  • Taboola (Data Science Intern —Los Angelos, CA)
  • Unity Technologies (Data Science, Analytics Intern — San Francisco, CA)
  • Chegg (Data Science Intern — Santa Clara, CA)
  • CrowdStrike (Data Science Intern — El Segundo, CA)

We did many efforts for collecting the data, hope you will like this article, don’t forget to give suggestions in the comments section, stay blessed.


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