Development of the essay: How to do it?

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Development of the essay.

An essay consists mainly of three well-defined parts that cannot be missed in its writing. We refer to the introduction, the development of the essay, and, finally, its conclusions. The most extensive part of the essay is its development. Since it is there where the author will capture informal language the previous investigations of the topic, the concepts related to the investigation, the results obtained, and their analysis. The development itself is the heart of the trial.

Do you know how to write the development of an essay? In we will explain how to write an excellent essay. What its characteristics are and we will give you some fundamental tips. Let’s go there!

What are the characteristics of an essay

The essay is a text written in prose where the analysis of some relevant topics for the reader is shown in a logical, clear, orderly, and brief way. Among the main characteristics of an essay, we have:

An essay must consist of three parts

As we have already said, and unless another division is necessary, the essay must consist of an introduction, a development, and the author’s final conclusions or opinions.

It is not built with a rigid structure

The essay allows the writer to express his ideas and express his opinions quite freely. The writer does not have to worry about a clear and obligatory structure.

The topic to write is free

The author can write on various topics. Whether from research by other authors or his own. The variety of topics include historical, science and technology, philosophical, literary, personal topics or group studies, political, economic, etc.

Use reflective analysis

An essay is based on arguments and this is how it supports ideas. Since the author investigates in order to give his own conclusions and opinions on the subject.

In the essay, the ideas are hierarchized

That is to say, that the different ideas and opinions must be shown in an organized and clear way and that these must be related to each other.

It is subjective

The essay must be of subjective reflection but must be well documented and studied. The author writes his point of view on a topic of interest. That is, he expresses his own opinion but always based on research and/or experiences.

It requires a formal language

An essay requires a formal language that is in accordance with the subject matter. Since each essay is aimed at a specific audience and, in most cases, a public that is knowledgeable about the topic addressed.

The essay is a short writing

The essay is a work that covers a very specific topic of which the writer already has the knowledge. So it is essential that only that topic is discussed and that it is dealt with directly and clearly.

Development of the essay: How to do it? – answer

Development of the essay

To develop your essay in a clear and orderly manner, from Study Special we recommend you make diagrams. The diagrams will give you a clear idea of ​​how to approach the subject. Since they represent the most interesting graphic tool to organize ideas and texts in a visual and summarized way.

Describe the background of the topic

This is the first step since all development must be supported by antecedents. We refer to all those writings from previous investigations that are related to the topic covered. And that can help you to make your work richer.

You should quote fragments of the analyzed works verbatim with an academic and formal language. In this way, you will be able to discuss and comment on what has already been studied.

Do not forget to put the reference of the study, book, and essay in question at the end of the quote.

Write the theoretical bases of the chosen topic

Develop the general aspects of the topic. That is the concepts and propositions that the reader must know to better understand your arguments and opinions. By now, your objective has already been made clear. So throughout this section, you will have to make an effort so that your arguments have enough weight.

If you’re looking for examples of development questions to keep in mind throughout the essay, here are some of the most interesting:

  • Choose well the authors you are going to cite. Why do you want the reader to be aware of what these specific experts are saying?
  • Where do you want to go with these definitions?
  • Do you want to show some wrong elements or some contradictions?
  • Is your objective to contribute a new idea to the research?

Link the concepts and the statements that you quote with your own objectives well. Because the reader must be clear about why you have decided to try and investigate one topic and not another.

Argue your own opinions

Argue your own opinions

In this part of the essay, you will have to give your opinions on the topic addressed. A good way to do this would be to comment on each concept as the theoretical bases are explained. Since this part of the development is written as it progresses.

Keep in mind that, as an author, you can give your opinions at any time of the essay. So take this moment to analyze in depth what other experts have investigated, as well as the results obtained with your own judgment.

Tricks to know how to do an essay

Tricks to know how to do an essay

We know that writing essay development is by far the most difficult part of the project. So here are a few tricks that will teach you how to do an excellent essay :

  • Stay motivated: it may sound obvious, but it is essential that even in the most difficult moments of the project you are clear about why you have chosen this topic and what you want to tell. You should make sure to write quality information throughout the entire essay. As only then will you keep the reader interested.
  • Choose a good topic: Start by considering 3 possible topics (to have alternatives) and end by choosing the one that best suits your tastes. But also the one that is most relevant today and the one that may be of most interest to your audience.
  • Make a bibliographic tonnage: This consists of reviewing all the sources of information that you consider important to deal with your topic. Get hold of books, theses, articles, programs, etc. And make sure that everything you try is supported by trusted authors. Everything you write in an essay must be truthful. So do not hesitate to spend time investigating each of the data you provide.
  • Analyze and practice your writing: do your first writing in drafts to gain knowledge on the subject and start to organize your ideas.
  • Write coherently and clearly: writing can be free, but it must come from deep reflection and it must be written in an orderly, coherent, and formal way.

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