How do you know what to study?

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How do you know what to study? Is one of the most classic questions in thousands (and millions) of students who are finishing their high school, and it is quite tricky to answer since each one is entirely different and there is no correct answer to the question, well and if it exists, only you will know it.

If you are at that moment when you are wondering what you want to do in your life professionally speaking, then, we bring you a series of tips that can surely help you clear up that doubt of knowing what to study in a much easier way, Check them all and put them into practice, we assure you that it will help you make a decision.

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How do you know what to study?

Think about your interests

Since there are colors and types of food that you like and others that you don’t, that’s what racing is like; there are some that can attract your attention a lot, and others simply do not. If this is your case, make a list of all the degrees that catch your attention and that could be interesting to you, but remember, put it in writing!

If you do it in a list in this way, at first it will help you to eliminate those that do not convince you at all; naturally, you have 4 or 5 that are very similar to you. Automatically, doing this exercise is already more comfortable, you will have to choose the one you like the most of these 5, not of the hundreds of careers that currently exist in different universities.

Do you want to know what to study? Evaluate your skills!

Once you have those careers on a list it is super important that you ask yourself a question and answers it as honestly as possible: am I good at this? And some things can be learned over time; however, others are of that range of talents that all people have.

For example: if you said, “I want to study Public Accounting”, and you hate numbers, and they have never been quickly given to you, how do you pretend? Or that you say: “I would like to study Gastronomy” and the kitchen in the corner of your house that gives you the most laziness, how? Don’t you think?

And with this, we are not saying that you cannot learn it, someone who wants to study Gastronomy and does not know how to cook, but that catches their attention, When they get into the kitchen they do perfect things, then, they are on the right path, and surely they can polish your skills with knowledge. Still, it is always essential that you study a career that is related to your interests and abilities if not, there is no way!

Talk to people who are dedicated to what interests you.

Sometimes you can see on television or in some movies people who dedicated to a particular profession and when you are asking yourself the question of how do you know what to study ?, you realize that this could be the perfect career for you, but remember that many Sometimes movies or television shows exaggerate reality. It turns out that it is not how you see it there.

That is why the appropriate recommendation is that you talk with people who are already dedicated to that and know: what does he do? What is a day at work like? Whatever is the father of his work? What is not so cool? Etc. The more questions you can ask and the more informed you can be, the better; Even an exciting idea is that one day you accompany him to his office so that you can soak up much more of that profession, we assure you that this will help you clear up any doubts and realize if you see yourself in a position similar to that For the rest of your life!

Talk to your career counselor.

In all schools, whether government or private, there is a department called “vocational guidance” which, among other functions, can advise students who, like you, are asking the question of how to know what to study? , is generally in charge of an educational psychologist or a degree in education who, through an informal conversation, will be able to get to know you a little better: your tastes, interests, abilities, etc.

Once he knows you more, then, he will be able to guide you suitably so that you make a suitable decision for this critical step in your life, he will talk to you about his perception of things as well as what his recommendations based on the factors evaluated. These types of services are free at your school. If you’ve never approached them, ask your school and ask for their help, they are professionals who will know how to guide you.

Review the content of the study plans

Another recommendation that we can make is that you approach the universities that are of interest to you, whether they are public ( UNAM, IPN, UAM, etc.) or private ( ITESM, UVM, UNITEC, etc.) and request reports from the ( s) career (s) that are of interest to you; Review the subjects taught in each one of them and thus you will be able to find out if the questions go with what you are looking.

You must look at several since each university has different subjects because they outlined towards certain areas; For example, in the Bachelor of Marketing, some universities profile their students towards the areas of sales or market analysis, while others see it from a more creative approach and move their subjects more towards the side of creative thinking and Critical. However, the degree is the same, and you may be more interested in one aspect than another.

Now if you find your vocation to know what to study!

Have you already realized that there are many ways to find an answer to this question that can be complicated? But in reality, it is not!

Finally, the best advice we can give you is to always focus on yourself and your interests. What does it matter what your family, friends, or your partner say? Think that you will be studying this for five years, you must love it!

The main thing is that you feel comfortable with the decision of knowing what to study. Since it will be you and no one but you who dedicates himself to that profession for the rest of his life, become a diver!

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