How to Essay a Book? Step by Step Guide

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What is the essay of a book? Thus, in some cases, a literary essay is called a text that exposes the personal opinion of the essay writer in an argumentative, clear, subjective, and summarized way. However, giving your opinion does not mean that the text can be free of any formality. Since every good essay complies with a specific structure and characteristics, as you will see below.

Do you need to express your opinions on a book? In this article, we will teach you how to do a book essay taking into account its structure and main characteristics … let’s go there!

Structure of an essay

Let’s start by looking at what the parts of a book essay are. These texts must be structured in such a way that they carry a logical order and are understandable to the reader. The main parts of the structure of a book essay are as follows:

Essay Title

Must go in the beginning part of the paper, of course. Keep in mind that very short titles usually say nothing and that very long titles tend to confuse the reader. So it is best to look for a title with a medium length. Under the title, you must specify your name, that is, the name of the essay writer.


in this part of the essay, you will have to expose the topic to be dealt with, that is, that the time will have come to talk about the book you are going to analyze. Advice? Do not make a summary of the book, rather explain a concept related to it (friendship, love, revenge, tradition, etc.) and take the opportunity to put it in context (where it was published, when, what this publication meant, etc.). You will also have to mention what are the objectives of the research, the methodology used, and the scope that you propose.

Development of the body of the essay

This is the part of the essay that widely develops the topic to be discussed. Here you must present the arguments and compelling reasons that support the main ideas of the essay, which means that you will have to delve into the main ideas of the book (do not forget to quote some paragraphs to give weight to your arguments) and talk about the characters to analyze their motivations, fears, desires, etc.


In conclusion, you will have to present your opinions and final points of view. You will have to do an analytical review of the book and see what resolution you have reached. It summarizes the most important final ideas and gives meaning to the questions asked at the beginning of the essay, that is, during the introduction.

Once you are clear about the topic you are going to discuss and you know the structure of an essay well, it is time to get down to business. We offer you some tips to carry out the essay of a book correctly, always in logical and coherent order so that it is well understood and so as not to lose the thread of the explanation.

Choose the book that best suits you

There will be times that you will not be able to choose the book to analyze, however, from Study Special we recommend that you take this step slowly if you can choose. Keep in mind your specialty and professional experience (if you’re a doctor, for example, you’d better choose medical book essays).

To learn how to do the essay of a book, you should bear in mind that you always have to read the book in its entirety, since diagonal readings and half-understandings are not useful if you want to do a professional essay.

Define the essay topic well

In a book, you can cover many topics that revolve around the idea or central niche of the work. So if you want to learn how to write a book essay correctly, you need to think carefully about the type of essay you want to do and specify the subject of study as much as possible. Remember that if you try to cover everything you can end up not treating anything with enough depth.

This limitation will also help you pay attention to the most important and convenient things in the book.

Take notes as you read


It is important that as you progress, you take note of what you think is important or relevant to your essay; Go underlining the main ideas or make notes in another notebook of the most important data you want to remember.

It can also help you write the names of characters or professionals that appear in the work in question, as this will collect the information better.


Taking into account the structure of the essay, and after reading the book, the next step will be to brainstorm to explain correctly and meaningfully what you want to say. Use the notes taken throughout the reading to expand some concepts and start linking them.

For this step, it can be very useful to make a diagram and from it eliminate or develop ideas to better fit your work.

Develop essay content and present arguments

It is the most difficult part of the essay since it is when you have to express your arguments and opinions at a certain distance (that is, even if they are subjective, you have to do it formally). Keep in mind that these arguments will show your reasoning ability, so make sure you link all ideas well and express yourself in a coherent and orderly way.

Remember that your opinions must be truthful and must be supported by the opinion of other experts or intellectuals.

Write the conclusions of the essay

You have reached the end of the essay; remember that you have to finish in an interesting way to leave the reader with a good taste in your mouth. Summarize the most important ideas of the essay and do not forget to remember what you have thought about it: was the result what you expected? What have you discovered after analyzing the book?

It is interesting to end by asking another question or leaving the topic open for possible future research; This is especially important if it is a classic or specific book that covers different important ideas.

Create a striking and accurate title

Although many people indeed prefer to start thinking about the title, from the study special we recommend that you consider it once the work is finished. This will make the essay clearer in its entirety and you can think of more precise titles that fit well with what you have explained.

The title must be related to the job and that it must be striking and clear. The reader should know what he is going to read-only by the title, so don’t try to do very creative and/or abstract things. An example of an essay from a book on World War II focusing on military tactics would be to put such a title: “Analysis of German battle strategies in World War II”.

Now that you know how to do the essay of a book, you will only have to review the result well to not forget fundamental parts.

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