How to write a good story

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Diego needed to write a good story, but he didn’t know what to write! Desperately he visited the wise man of the town, a ragged sorcerer who said to him:

– “Don’t worry, everyone has a story to tell”

– “But I don’t have it!” Replied Diego. With fury, the old wise man threw a kind of ball to the ground and BOOOOM !. The room was full of smoke, you could hardly breathe. Diego was puzzled, fear did not let him move. Desperate, he gestured with his hands to remove the smoke and managed to see the silhouette of the old sage who had something in his hands. – “This is my Notebook, let’s Google.” This is how Diego found this article on and understood that the sorcerer was right, everyone has a story to tell. It only takes good advice to free the imprisoned writer within us and to know the factors that can inspire and invent a good story.

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Ideas to start inventing

Choose your story ideas based on what you know. Starting from something you know is easier then follow the branch and its details. Pain, love, joy, fear, ways to overcome obstacles. These are all universal human experiences that lie at the heart of great stories. If you are familiar with the subject of the story but are not an expert, you will need to do a little research. For example, you know what surfing is and you want to write the story of a surfer, but you have never practiced it. You will have to learn about movements and techniques, and if you have the opportunity, interview a surfer about the experience. Take time to observe people and imagine what the world looks like from their point of view.

Who do you write for?

Maybe you want to write for teenagers, or for people who are familiar with a certain place. You could even write just for yourself. Having a clear audience in mind helps frame the ideas. Write down the reason why you are telling the story. Make sure that is what you are going to express in the story. A clear and defined theme. Inspiration comes from everyday life. If you want to write a children’s book, look at the children. See how they act, imagine the world through their eyes, and then write about something that fascinates them. Watch the news, maybe a good story will conjure up with the real world.

Bring a notebook


On the bus, at work, wherever good ideas come, you must be prepared to write them down. Even if it doesn’t seem to make sense at the moment, it can magically turn into a good story. At the beginning of the story, explains what the problem is, what the character wants or wants, what worries him. Or you can start by promising the reader something good, which will come later.

In the middle, you increase the bumps along the way and increase the character challenges. Always keeping the action. Then the dark moment, where it seems that your character is lost, that he will fail, he will not achieve his goal or he will not learn the lesson. Just at that moment, the biggest, impossible obstacle arrives, everything will go wrong without a doubt, this story will have an unhappy ending. But in the end, the conflict is resolved. How did he do? The character was lost. But he has managed to meet his goals and learned a good lesson from the writer’s skills.

Analysis of history

Find someone who will read your story and give you their opinion. Of course, you should look for an honest person. Everything is improved, it is necessary that you go beyond your creative limits, and constructive criticism is very important in this regard. Create the end before you know what the half will be like. The end is the hardest, so face yours.

Practice from other stories

Take the script of a movie and change it, finish the story differently or change the characters this exercise is very good to exercise your inventiveness and your imagination, you can also make others who have seen the movie read your story and assess which one they like the most. You can do this in the themes that you like the most and thus write horror or love or zombie stories whatever you like the most.


  • As much as it costs you to try to finish the stories you make up, do not leave them halfway, this will be the best learning and consistency exercise.
  • Be wary of the first thing that comes to mind and the second, third, fourth, fifth … stay away from the obvious and surprise yourself.

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