5 basic needs of the human being in personal development

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The 5 basic needs of the human being in personal development:

These are the fundamental elements that a personal development process must go through.

Human beings live at the constant crossroads of what our real needs are, what we need to feel good, know ourselves and grow, and what are those needs that we have created over time based on our fears and insecurities.

We usually believe that we need a behavior from others, a context that favors us, a status, certain possessions, that reward us, or a set of external factors, we cannot control and end up generating frustration and discouragement. What are the basic psychological needs of human beings for personal development? Let’s see.

Basic psychological needs in personal development

Abraham Maslow, the famous humanistic psychologist, left us a theory in which, simply, he spoke to us about a scale of needs, ordered according to a hierarchy.

First, it is necessary to cover the basic organic needs and, later, we reach deeper and personal needs, related to our personal (or professional) self-fulfillment. This is where the vast majority of people encounter difficulties.

On the contrary, based on fears and insecurities that we have not been able to understand and manage functionally, we have created a set of opposing needs and it is the origin of the vast majority of our problems and difficulties.

First, it is necessary to say what these basic psychological needs are not: that you seek a lifestyle that becomes too complex, you accumulate objects, you demand too much of yourself or you have too many expectations or demands with the outside world. Needing too much of the outside world (people, objects, lifestyle) is usually the result of not understanding and managing our emotions and living based on insecurity, fear, frustration, even anxiety (an anxious lifestyle, since we have related those needs with a source of well-being that we cannot control).

5 basic needs of the human being in personal development

First need: decision

You have the need, above all, to make your own decisions.

The human being needs to decide for himself, since making decisions is what helps you to know, achieve the changes and development you need and, ultimately, build your own life. When we do not make decisions, both personally and professionally (because other people make them for us or because we become paralyzed) the result is frustration and the feeling of not being in control.

The lack of decision or to communicate limits is a problem related to your fears.

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Second need: bonding

The human being is an emotional, social, and affective being. We need to connect with others and, sometimes, although these connections exist. They are not deep or honest enough again due to the fear and insecurity that we feel in our encounter with others or with the other.

This does not mean that your well-being depends on others (it depends mainly on you). But that we need to share our emotional life with others and the world in a healthy, balanced way. Above all based on trust and with deep connections (what which does not imply dependency).

Third need: achievement

We need to grow and challenge ourselves, not with too much self-demand but with curiosity and enthusiasm. Through achievement and positive effort (because we want to live that process) we get to know ourselves. We discover ourselves, and we grow.

Achievement is also one of the main motivations of the human being along with fulfillment and bonding.

Fourth need: self-knowledge

Meeting you is a lifelong process and we never quite finish it. However, sometimes we can become paralyzed. When we don’t make decisions or take action about what we want, we end up feeling like we don’t know ourselves. Self-knowledge, above all, is not achieved with readings, reflections, or mantras, but always with action. In actions, there is the greatest possible awareness.

Fifth need: self-realization

We need to feel, above all, that what we do is deeply aligned with our values ​​and aspirations. When what you do and what you want to come together, we find self-realization. Of course, this does not imply a selfish attitude. Personal self-realization is only possible if we establish healthy and generous bonds with others and the world.


We hope you understand these 5 basic needs of the human being in personal development. You reflect on these five needs. You will discover that they all depend on you and that the mere fact of not meeting them often leads to discomfort. Changing that situation depends on living a process of deep change where the change occurs in you and above all it stays with you forever.

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