Work and study at the same time | 6 basic keys to achieving it successfully

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More and more young people decide to study and work at the same time. Whether pushed by your financial needs, constant updating of knowledge, or companies. For all this, the border between the stages of work and study has blurred. It can be an enriching experience, but also a path to madness. So don’t miss these 6 tips on how to work and study at the same time, without dying trying!

If you’ve been looking for a job, you’ve surely come across job ads asking for “experienced youth. ” It is an oxymoron, a contradiction that leads to entering the world of work at an ever-younger age. But there is also another scenario: that of the students who finished their careers got a job but must continue going to classrooms to stay up-to-date with the news of their field.

The evil of many, consolation of fools. Working and studying at the same time is not easy, but it is possible. You just have to take into account some tips that have to do with lowering expectations, stop “wasting” time and learn to manage it. But, let’s look at it in more detail in this guide on how to study and work at the same time

6 basic keys to work and study at the same time


If you are struggling to work and study at the same time, it is time to get down to work. Do not be fooled: you must give everything of yourself and do without some of the activities that you like. There is no magic, let alone Hermione’s “time turner”. Like everyone, you only have 24 hours a day, which you must use wisely. We believe that these 6 tips will help you achieve this.

Organize your time


Ah, the beautiful adolescence! At that time we spent countless afternoons chatting with our friends and playing ping pong. We had time to spare and when we have something to spare, it is never a problem. Logically, this is so. However, upon reaching adulthood time begins to run out, with the added complication that we have never been taught how to manage it.

Studying and working at the same time is largely a time management problem and that’s where most people fail. Simply put, it boils down to the following: There are a million “things” to do. Among others, work, study, eat, sleep, have a social and romantic life, train, use social networks, read, travel, and the list can go on forever.

As you will see, very few activities are vital, some are necessary and others are expendable. Working, studying, and sleeping will take a good part of your day, so try to manage well what you do with the rest of the time. Try to make them really valuable activities for you. Sorry, but maybe you have to choose between doing a four-hour marathon of your favorite series or seeing your friends. The best thing is that you put together a weekly agenda and decide in advance how much time you will dedicate to each of the activities you want to do.

Keep it real

To study and work at the same time, you must first of all be realistic. You will suffer a lot if you don’t and you will think that you are not giving your all, even if you do. Don’t pretend to be the perfect employee, the first of your kind, and receive you in record time. Keep in mind that study plans have “ideal” deadlines, which are very far from reality.

Therefore, if you work, it is inevitable that it takes a little longer to complete your studies and you cannot prepare all the exams, as well as you, would like. In that sense, you have to rethink your goals, reestablish what success is for you, and propose appropriate deadlines. Resources are limited, that is the base from which you start.

Choose wisely


According to, you must choose wisely what to study and where to work. If you need to cross the entire city to attend classes, you will waste valuable hours getting there. It is not impossible to do it, but when you organize your agenda you should consider that time that you invest in moving. An interesting option is to take a freelance job or take a distance course, which will allow you to do it from home or wherever you are.

Learn to study


It is curious that in universities and institutes they teach content, but not how to incorporate it most efficiently. It is an apprenticeship that will be on your own if you want to work and study at the same time. There are dozens of scientific studies that offer clues on how to learn more, in less time. We do not intend to elaborate on the subject, but some tips are:

Teach: According to a scientific study, if you put yourself in the role of teacher and teach on the topics you study, that will improve learning, you will have a more general idea of ​​the contents and how they relate to each other.

Leave the screens: It cannot be denied that digital devices are more practical than the old printed book. However, Kate Garland, a professor of psychology at the University of Leicester, found that studying through screens causes students to take longer to learn. While they eventually catch up with those who read on paper, they must spend more time on it.

Diversify: For his part, Robert Bjork, director of the Laboratory of Learning and Forgetfulness at the University of California, affirms that it is better to study different aspects of the same subject, rather than focus on just one.

Drop multitasking: Finally, research claims that multitasking is a myth. The brain is unable to multitask. Instead, what it does is jump from one task to another and each time, there is a process that stops and another that begins. That is inefficient.

If you browse the web you will find much more research and articles on how to study better. We recommend that you do so and see which ones suit you. No teacher is interested in how many hours you have studied for an exam, but that you can solve it satisfactorily.

Limit the use of mobile and social networks


You may not believe it, but you likely spend more time looking at your mobile phone than you suspect. The statistics show that the Spaniards, for example, spend 5 hours and 18 minutes per day connected to the Internet. Of that time, 1 hour and 39 minutes are spent on social networks. They are more than 11 hours per week dedicated to reviewing Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.

Let’s not blame the users. Mobile apps are designed to get you back to them all the time. This is how they earn money. However, if you want to work and study at the same time, you must have more cunning than them. The good news is that there are dozens of apps that allow you to control your use of mobile and social networks. For example, Checky, which counts how many times you have checked your mobile in the last 24 hours; or Freedom, which blocks websites and applications so you can stay focused on what’s important.

Take care of your health


Finally, you should not neglect your health. Staying healthy is important, and not just because the doctors say so. Consider that if you get sick, you will have to miss classes, and then catch up will be a real nuisance. Therefore, do not forget to sleep 7 to 8 hours a day, play sports to release endorphins, take care of your diet, and pay attention to your mental health.

Destinations where you can work and study

If you have an adventurous soul, you should consider living abroad, a minimum of one season. There are many countries with offers specially designed for people who want to take a course and earn some money in the meantime. They are educational experiences specially designed to satisfy that need.

Now that you have finished reading this guide with 6 tips on how to work and study at the same time, you can say that you have taken the first step on the path of putting your life in order and achieving your goals. You see that it is only a matter of assuming that you will have to give your all, find efficient ways to fulfill your obligations, and manage time in the best way. Do not forget to tell us what you think of these tips and if you have any other. We look forward to hearing about your experience

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